“Before working with Catherine I felt overwhelmed and didn’t know how to make positive changes in my parenting, relationships and work responsibilities. I felt lost in the busy-ness of life. Catherine helped me to prioritize and take more time for myself. Paradoxically, I actually began feeling more effective both at work and home! Our work together helped me find new meaning and fulfillment in my personal and professional roles.”

Integral Leadership Parent Coaching Client

  • “Catherine is able to meet people where they are and facilitate shifts in their understanding that leads to remarkable growth in a short period of time. She is a highly reflective, deeply compassionate and insightful person.”

    Love Weinstock, Head of School

    Berkwood Hedge School, Berkeley, CA

  • “The six months that I worked with Catherine changed my life. She helped me see myself and my relationships in new ways, and then to begin acting differently. She is a caring listener, but is also direct. I appreciated how Catherine shared articles and research that supported the changes I was making.”

    Leadership and Life Coaching Client

  • “Joining the group I found I was not alone. Catherine has a unique ability to lead, allowing for vulnerability and trust with challenging topics while holding space in a way of support and inspiration to grow, heal and learn. Catherine has helped me begin my journey of understanding my story of race and how to raise anti-racist children that I could not have done on my own.” – 

    Julie, A participant in a white unlearning racism affinity group

  • “Even after a long day I was very engaged in the material in a profound way. Catherine was present, highly knowledable and funny with examples from her own life… I’m going home with new tools and skills – I feel more hopeful and capable. I think this material is essential for parents, nannies and teachers. I only wish I’d taken her workshop sooner!”

    Parenting with Positive Discipline Immersion participant

  • “Catherine is amazing and exudes knowledge and confidence, and she is happy. She is like a modern day Mary Poppins… minus the cool umbrella.”

    Ryan Juan

  • “Catherine has great skill, confidence, poise, peacefulness and respectfulness. I felt held throughout the day as I re-envisioned how I want to parent my children. Thank you for your kindness and care.”

    Parenting with Positive Discipline Immersion participant

  • “Catherine was a pleasure to work with. I enjoyed how she always brought me into the present moment at the beginning of our sessions together – not an easy feat – but so important for the coaching to work. She is a creative and resourceful coach in the thoughtful way she helps you develop exercises and ways of thinking you can use beyond your coaching session.  Our work together was instrumental in helping me achieve a goal in the workplace that I might not have done so gracefully without her assistance.”

    Stephanie Richmond

    Redwood City, CA

  • “Catherine’s calm presence, vibrant personality, great organization skills and clear communication style kept participants on track and focused during a whole day and weekend workshop when a lot of material was being covered… I appreciate Catherine for being a strong and inspirational leader while consistently displaying a compassionate, caring and very supportive teaching style.”

    Stefanie Baldwin, MA Early Childhood Education

    Early childhood music specialist (Music Together and German children’s music)

    Certified Positive Discipline parent educator

  • “Catherine – you rock! I appreciate the flow, organization and thought that you put into the past two days… You are clearly an expert, and it helps that you have so much classroom, supervision and parenting experience. This keeps your ideas fresh and practical.”

    Positive Discipline in the Classroom™ participant